Where are you in your NCLEX journey?

I'm a nursing student.

All I want to do is survive nursing school. I'm living on coffee, two hours of sleep per night, and leftover free pizza from school events. Help!

I'm the parent

of a student.

All I want to do is help them to get through school and pass their NCLEX. I can see they've been studying, and yet it's still a struggle. I feel helpless. What can I do to make sure they succeed?

I'm a graduate nurse or about to be one.

I've never taken the NCLEX before and I'm incredibly nervous that my entire career depends on a single test. How can I be sure I'll pass this thing?

I have a unique situation.

I let my license lapse and want it back,  or maybe life happened after nursing school and now it's been 10 years since graduation. Where do I go from here?

I did not pass my NCLEX.

I studied really hard. I don't know what happened. I'm not sure where to go next or how to make sure I'll pass next time. I know the pass rate is only 40% for NCLEX re-tests.

I work full-time
and need to pass my NCLEX.

I can't afford to quit work and study full-time. How the heck do I pass this thing when I work 40 hours or more each week?

I'm an
international student.

I have worked as a nurse in a different country and/or went to school there and need to pass the NCLEX to work here. I'm having trouble understanding the questions.

I'm a nursing professor.

My students showed me your textbook and I love it. How can I get you to give a guest lecture to my students and/or buy your textbook for my class?