So you're a nursing student?
We can help with that.

The only harder thing than getting into nursing school is getting out alive! Stress less and learn more with our help. NCLEX Simplified has your back with a private tutor to hold you accountable to your study goals. We'll help you feel calm and confident in clinical situations while also giving you the information you'll need for each nursing class exam and beyond! Click on the mail icon above to send us a message and let us know your needs.

Get organized. Between the weekly tests and study material, it's a lot to sort through. We'll help you know what you should be studying and if you're prepared for your test or not.


Make a plan. Some people say that making a plan takes the fun out of everything, but those people don't pass nursing school. Tell us a timeframe and we'll give you a reasonable plan to set you up for success.


Kick some butt. There is no greater feeling than walking out of a test and knowing you aced it. We'll keep you on track and get you back to scoring A's and B's. 


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