From its humble beginnings as a series of many Google docs back in 2012 to its current status as a Holy Grail among NCLEX study resources, the NCLEX Simplified textbook has kept a few key things the same.


There's a reason for that.

It turns out that when a nursing student studies for NCLEX, he or she needs a few simple things:

1. Easy-to-read format, preferably outline form

2. Accurate and precise content that has the details without diving too deep.

3. A price that won't prevent you from grocery shopping.

Not many resources have those characteristics, but NCLEX Simplified always has. It is always available for just a $25 ebook straight from Lisa Chou, its author, or $40 for a hard copy.

NCLEX Simplified is in its thirteenth edition and is current for the April 2019 Test Plan.

Book Preview