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Has a single test been holding you back? NCLEX Simplified is here to help with focused resources to get you ready to test and ready to move on with your life and become the nurse you've always dreamed of being.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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NCLEX Simplified is a tutoring method that uses a specific strategy to help students pass their NCLEX with ease. In a special combination of questions, guided reasoning, and reiteration of raw facts, students acquire the right information to tackle the test.

It all started with one tutor, Lisa Chou, who created the textbook NCLEX Simplified in 2013. The book aims to make studying for the NCLEX be straightforward! Information is listed plainly in a simple-to-manage outline format. Each topic ends with a quiz that checks to see if students understand the information. The end of the book lists additional topics such as legal issues in nursing, in which order to take off isolation gear, and much more. Check it out.

Lisa Chou (formerly Lisa Brass) has been tutoring formally for NCLEX since 2012, but she has been teaching nursing much longer than that. Her love of teaching began with running a study group in nursing school and hasn't stopped!  Her teaching style involves patience, humor, and the ability to explain complex topics in a way that anyone can understand.

NCLEX Simplified is based in Newark, DE. 

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