Where to Start

There are a TON of resources included in an NCLEX Simplified membership and it's sometimes tough to know where to start. Let's try to sort through what you should do when. Adjust for your own priorities and schedule as needed!

Days One and Two

Check out the 6-week Study Plan from which you can base your own studying. Then click on Focused Question Tests to get signed up for your Edmodo account. This will also take a day (tops) to be approved. Download the Textbook and spend the rest of the day looking through it. Do things sound familiar? Or totally brand new? This will affect how you study from here on out!

Last, see if your NCLEX study tools are listed under NCLEX Resources Rated Best to Worst. You'll want to know if what you're using is doing you any good, or if you need to upgrade your study materials.

Additional Tips for Deluxe:

Complete the Personalized Study Plan request and the Strength/Weakness Analysis questionnaire. These can take a day or two to be crafted for you, but they're excellent tools to make your studying efficient and effective! Might as well get your info in so that I can provide you with some guidance.

Take the time now to plan ahead and sign up for your group classes. This can be found under View Group Tutoring Schedule. Sometimes, classes fill up. Pick the dates and times you want now for the best selection.

Also, consider signing up for a multi-hour tutoring package to get the most bang for your buck. If you know you're going to want private tutoring, you might as well pay ahead and save some money. These are available for purchase in the members area by clicking Private Tutoring Sessions (Reduced $).

Week One and Week Two

Explore the Free Online NCLEX Questions resource as you practice questions to keep exposing yourself to new and different material. One question you see here may be the key to earning your license!

Additional Tips for Deluxe:

Get access to the Udemy Video Lectures by following the instructions in the Members area. Once you have input the codes, you will be able to watch/listen to 15+ hours of the same information included in the book. It's a great way to absorb more information than you thought possible.

If you are sick of studying the above and have extra time during Weeks Three and Four and +...

-Check out the Private Forums and see if there are any discussions that you can be a part of. You never know what NCLEX is going to ask- it might be something you read here!

-Practice with the EKG Strips Quiz. You can never get enough practice reading these.

-Take a look at the Previous Group Lectures Video Library to get some extra knowledge in whatever topic is being discussed.

Five - Seven Days Prior to Your NCLEX

Complete the Final 100 Question Assessment and check out your score. Was it lower than 75%? If so, you may need some additional help. Private tutoring sessions are available, even last-minute. Go ahead and schedule one soon! If you are a Deluxe member, you pay less per hour.