So you've failed the NCLEX at least once?
We can help with that.

There's nothing more horrible than learning that you failed your NCLEX. Take some comfort in the fact that you are NOT alone and that we have helped COUNTLESS others like you. So far, our record is helping someone who had previously taken her NCLEX 10 times before on her own (yes, really. TEN.) to pass on her ELEVENTH try by using our method.


We know exactly what you need to study up on and what you don't need to waste your time with. In fact, we'll do you one better- we'll study with you. Get the help you need through an NCLEX Simplified membership that lasts only as long as you need it while delivering supreme study help and mental support.

Reasons you should accept help from NCLEX Simplified

We have a tried and true method. Over 200 students have used our live tutoring to get the help they need. Countless more have bought the textbook and passed on their own. Read our Facebook reviews - our course drills down to the basics without making you feel dumb. Try us!


The NCLEX is hard, but prep with us makes it easier. You might get up to 265 questions over the course of six hours. Graduates of NCLEX Simplified, on the other hand, tend to pass in 75 to 125 questions and spend less than two hours at the test center. Why go the harder route if you don't have to?


Invest your money and time wisely. If you've already shelled out another $200 for your ATT, make sure it's not wasted. Spend a little more now for tutoring (as low as $40/month) and get back a lot in career earnings. Passing means never paying for that darn ATT again, and it saves you another 45 days of studying to be a nurse. Think of how much money you could make working as a nurse for 45 days! If you don't find NCLEX Simplified useful or think it's just not right for you, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed. There's no risk!


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