So you work full time and need to pass?
We can help with that.

Here is some free tough love for you: although it's not impossible to pass your NCLEX while working full time, we don't recommend it and your chances of passing are pretty low. You need to make some changes in order to take at least 2 weeks to study full-time or a month to study part-time. If you have vacation time, dedicate it to this purpose. If you don't have vacation, take a leave of absence from your job. If you can't take a leave of absence... you need to decide which is more important- passing the NCLEX in order to work as a nurse or keeping the job you have right now to put food on the table. It's unfortunately that simple! There's a limited amount of time in the days and weeks until your test day, and you need to devote some of it to studying, pure and simple.


Now, if you ARE ready to work part-time for a bit, take a leave of absence, or quit your job, NCLEX Simplified is here to help and make your effort worthwhile. You need a strategy that will work with your part-time job and address any study and/or knowledge issues one by one.


That's where we come in. We'll supply only the information you need, and no more, to pass the NCLEX. We have it down to a science, nay, an art form. An NCLEX Simplified membership lasts only as long as you need it while delivering supreme study help and mental support.

Reasons you should accept help from NCLEX Simplified

We have a tried and true method. Over 200 students have used our live tutoring to get the help they need. Countless more have bought the textbook and passed on their own. Read our Facebook reviews - our course drills down to the basics without making you feel dumb. Try us!


The NCLEX is hard, but prep with us makes it easier. You might get up to 265 questions over the course of six hours. Graduates of NCLEX Simplified, on the other hand, tend to pass in 75 to 125 questions and spend less than two hours at the test center. Why go the harder route if you don't have to?


You have chosen to invest time and money by changing up your job situation. Now we will gladly choose to invest time and effort into making absolutely sure you pass your NCLEX. Although our title is "tutor", we've also been called "life therapists" for our honest, no-nonsense, and helpful approach. We'll coach you through it every step of the way!


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