Are you a nursing professor interested in NCLEX Simplified? Great!

NCLEX Simplified loves to talk to your students before they attempt their NCLEX for the first time. We'll improve your pass rates before there's ever a fail result to address! NCLEX Simplified has visited many universities in book form, but holds a special place in its heart for University of Delaware, where many students have used its method to pass the NCLEX. There have even been a few guest lectures given to students on cardiac topics as well as general NCLEX methodology.


Interested in getting a lecture to your students, or maybe just a few copies of the textbook? We'll hook you up. Go ahead and click the mail icon by the title above to shoot us a message of what exactly you need.

Reasons you should work with NCLEX Simplified

We have a tried and true method. Over 200 students have used our live tutoring to get the help they need. Countless more have bought the textbook and passed on their own. Read our Facebook reviews - our course drills down to the basics without making you feel dumb. Try us!


The NCLEX is hard, but prep with us makes it easier. You might get up to 265 questions over the course of six hours. Graduates of NCLEX Simplified, on the other hand, tend to pass in 75 to 125 questions and spend less than two hours at the test center. Why go the harder route if you don't have to?


You are doing a wonderful job in seeking out additional resources to help your struggling students. Let us help by providing that assistance at a reasonable rate and selling a textbook that won't break the bank (listed price is $44.95, you can buy it off this site at the Store for $40, or you can email me for even better bulk pricing!).


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